ETS has recently updated our existing Compact Blast Freezer model VF 45B-180 with upgraded specifications.

Blast freezers are an essential equipment in storing ingredients for long periods of time, without any compromise on the quality or freshness.

Known as the optimum solution towards long-term and hygienic foodstuff preservation, blast freezers are able to preserve all kinds of foodstuffs perfectly, whether raw, cooked or semi-finished without any drop in quality, freshness and nutrition.

With the speed of rapid cooling that blast freezers can achieve, very small ice crystals are created during the freezing process.

This is more beneficial instead of the larger ice crystals created by slower cooling which can damage food materials by causing phenomena like cell bursting, which affects the quality and flavour of foods.

ETS Blast Freezers

From 2018, we have been constantly developing our range of blast freezers. We now have a number of models with different capacities and temperature ranges to suit various requirements.

Our blast freezers come with standard features like intuitive touch control panels, visual and audible alarm alerts, easy to remove shelf supports for simple cleaning and maintenance, and stainless steel internal and external chambers.

Our recently upgraded Compact Blast Freezer, VF 45B-180 with a capacity of 180L, is most suited to businesses with small-scale frozen items production, or want to maximize their available space especially for areas with low ceilings.

The upgrade of this model brings it up to par with the rest of our newer models supporting standard built-ins such as sample probes, timer, digital display, on/off switch and a heavy duty latch for security. The hermetic reciprocating processor has also been upgraded to 2500W, similar to the VF 45B-350 model.

Click here to download the product specification for the Compact Blast Freezer.

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