For long-term and hygienic foodstuffs preservation, some food must be blast frozen to -18°C or -40°C (low temperature). “Frozen” means to transfer the fluid inside food to ice crystal. Therefore, preserving foodstuffs in low temperature environment which penetrate the foodstuffs and make the centre of foodstuffs cool down to -40°C rapidly, that is blast freeze. Blast freezer can freeze foodstuffs at a high speed, creating smaller ice crystals and will not damage food. No matter raw, cooked or semi-finished foodstuffs can be preserved perfectly by blast freezer, after defrosting; foodstuffs can maintain the original delicacy and freshness without quality doubt.


  • Intuitive touch control panel – Easy to use
  • Modular construction makes installation fast and easy
  • Visual and audible alarm alerts
  • Easy to remove shelf support for simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Both internal and external chamber are constructed by stainless steel
ModelVF 45B-180VF 45B-450VF 45B-850VF 45B-1100
Dim. Ext (mm) W x D x H880 x 850 x 1150920 x 1116 x 1960920 x 1280 x 19801100 x 1600 x 2190
Dim. Int (mm) W x D x H470 x 660 x 530620 x 750 x 1040740 x 1080 x 1060 600 x 1600 x 2190
Stainless Steel Trays5 pcs10 pcs10 pcs15 pcs
Stainless Steel Tray Dia. (mm) 600 x 400 x 50360 x 630 x 50500 x 630 x 50660 x 720 x 1800
Int. & Ext. ChamberStainless Steel / SUS 304
Temp. Fluctuation±1°C to 2°C
Internal Air CirculationForced-air
RefrigerantR507 HCFC
Comp. Recip. Hermetic2500W2500W2500W / 2 x 2 3/4 Hip 3 phase3500W
Door Lock / Castor(s)1 no. / 4 pcs1 no. / 4 pcs1 no. / 4 pcs2 nos. / 4 pcs
Temp Pull Down RateAmbient +25°C to -86°C approx. 40 mins
Standard LED AlarmHi/Low Alarm
Power Voltage230Vac 50Hz Single or 415Vac 3 Phase (60Hz for others)
Fan Door SwitchBuilt-in
Safety Features & CertificationISO 13485, Electric Safety Test (EST) IEC 61010-1 (2010), GDPMD, ISO IEC 17025

**Note: With MDA Class A Certificate (Model: VC)
**Optional: Capacity may vary according to the loading preferences and contents. Can be customised.