Dust mites and various bacteria are the causes of allergies and asthma. Also, certain viruses cause diseases like SARS, swine flu, foot-and-mouth disease, and MERS. All these viruses threaten human life. Viruses and bacteria spread in various ways such as sneezing, coughing, breathing or waving hands, sweat, saliva, and all other common transfer mechanisms. Sometimes germs transfer by contact from surfaces that have been touched by other infected people. This makes the environment in which we find ourselves and the air we breathe extremely important to consider.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for simple, portable, sensitive devices that can collect, eliminate and identify viruses from air, to rapidly detect and prevent outbreaks and spread of infectious diseases. The LebeLang Portable Ioniser is one such device, and sterilizes harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and pollen by emitting negative ions in indoor spaces such as homes and offices.

Ion-generators or ionisers release negative ions (anions) into the air. The negative ions latch on to positive ions in the room such as dust particles, pollen, fungal spores and, airborne bacteria and viruses. The increased weight of the bonded molecules make them fall to the ground or settle on surfaces faster, thus cleaning the air, but surfaces will still require manual cleaning or disinfection.

LebeLang has been certified on its negative ion emissions by the Korea Far Infrared Association (KIFA) as well as registered by the Korean National Radio Research Agency.

LebeLang is manufactured by Enputech Co., Ltd, which is committed to the development of products that utilize sterilization methods using ultraviolet (UV) light, ozone and photocatalytic to ensure a safe and healthy living space from dust mites, bacteria and viruses.

Portable Ioniser

Portable Ionizer HAS-3003