ETS Freezers are designed and fabricated to provide a complete and integrated solution for storage of various temperature-sensitive materials such as enzymes, pharmaceuticals, medicines, biological products and reagents, vaccines, foodstuffs, etc. Our range of freezers can store temperature-sensitive materials from temperatures of 0°C to -86°C and come with various functions such as digital temperature touch screen displays, LED alarm systems, swivel castors, door locks, etc.

ETS Freezers are suitable for use in pharmacies, laboratories, drug stores, scientific research institutions, pharmaceutical factories/companies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare, epidemic prevention centres, marine fisheries, chemical industry, etc.

We have a wide range of models available to accommodate your storage needs and requirements.


Low Temperature Upright Freezer (Force Air) (+0°C to -25°C) (Auto Defrost)

VF 25U-500(G) (Capacity: 500L)

VF 25U-1000(G) (Capacity: 1,000L)

VF 25U-1500(G) (Capacity: 1,500L)

Low Temperature Upright Freezer (0°C to -25°C) (Manual Defrost)

VF 25U-100(M) (Capacity: 100L)

VF 25U-280(M) (Capacity: 280L)

VF 25U-500(M) (Capacity: 500L)

VF 25U-600(M) (Capacity: 630L)

VF 25U-700(M) (Capacity: 730L)

VF 25U-800(M) (Capacity: 860L)

Low Temperature Chest Freezer (0°C to -25°C)

VF 25H-100 (Capacity: 100L)

VF 25H-200 (Capacity: 200L)

VF 25H-300 (Capacity: 300L)

VF 25H-400 (Capacity: 400L)

VF 25H-560 (Capacity: 560L)

VF 25H-1500 (Capacity: 1,500L)

Low Temperature Upright Freezer (-10°C to -40°C)

VF 40U-100 (Capacity: 100L)

VF 40U-200 (Capacity: 200L)

VF 40U-280(D) (Capacity: 280L)

VF 40U-320 (Capacity: 320L)

VF 40U-500 (Capacity: 500L)

VF 40U-600 (Capacity: 600L)

VF 40U-700 (Capacity: 700L)

VF 40U-800 (Capacity: 800L)

Low Temperature Chest Freezer (-10°C to -40°C) (preset +2°C to +8°C)

VF 40H-100 (Capacity: 100L)

VF 40H-200 (Capacity: 200L)

VF 40H-300 (Capacity: 300L)

VF 40H-520 (Capacity: 520L)

VF 40H-800 (Capacity: 800L)

VF 40H-1200 (Capacity: 1200L)

VF 40H-1500 (Capacity: 1500L)

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Upright Freezer (-10°C to -86°C)

VF 86U-50 (Capacity: 50L)

VF 86U-100 (Capacity: 100L)

VF 86U-200 (Capacity: 200L)

VF 86U-300 (Capacity: 300L)

VF 86U-400 (Capacity: 400L)

VF 86U-500 (Capacity: 500L)

VF 86U-600 (Capacity: 600L)

VF 86U-700 (Capacity: 700L)

VF 86U-800 (Capacity: 800L)

Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Chest Freezer (-10°C to -86°C)

VF 86H-50 (Capacity: 50L)

VF 86H-100 (Capacity: 100L)

VF 86H-200 (Capacity: 200L)

VF 86H-300 (Capacity: 300L)

VF 86H-400 (Capacity: 400L)

VF 86H-520 (Capacity: 520L)

VF 86H-620 (Capacity: 620L)

 Blast Freezer (-10°C to -45°C / -75°C) (adjustable)

VF 45B-180 (Capacity: 180L)

VF 45B-450 (Capacity: 450L)

VF 45B-850 (Capacity: 850L)

VF 45B-1100 (Capacity: 1100L)

VF 45B-2100 (Capacity: 2100L)

VF 45B-4000 (Capacity: 4000L)

VF 80B-450 (Capacity: 450L)

VF 80B-850 (Capacity: 850L)

Low Temperature Freezer (-10°C to -25°C)

VF SL-120A

VF SL-120G





VF UC-60 (Chiller)

VF UCF-185