We offer a wide range of sizes for our Low Temperature Chest Freezer, all complete with product features most requested by the laboratory and medical industry. We offer quality selection to meet the specific needs of research laboratories, hospitals,
pharmacies, veterinary offices, medical clinics, and other facilities with high demands for stable, low temperature storage.


  • Precise microcomputer temperature control
  • Simple to operate
  • Auto-defrost
  • Forced-air circulation for enhanced temperature distribution
  • Easy-to-read LED temperature display
  • Visual and audible alarm alerts
  • Low-noise compressor
  • Large temperature ranges for storing goods: from 0°C to -25°C
ModelVF 25H-100VF 25H-200VF 25H-300VF 25H-560VF 25H-300(S)VF 25H-500(S)VF 25H-1500(S)
Dim. Ext (mm) W x D x H570 x 550 x 845940 x 550 x 8451055 x 750 x 8351655 x 750 x 8351760 x 710 x 8652160 x 760 x 8552950 x 1065 x 865
Dim. Int (mm) W x D x H430 x 360 x 690840 x 450 x 700930 x 530 x 7001530 x 530 x 7001000 x 430 x 7101350 x 520 x 7102185 x 915 x 710
Internal ChamberAluminiumStainless Steel
External ChamberMild SteelStainless Steel
Input Power100W100W300W380W300W380W1200W
Door Lock1 no.1 no.1 no.1 no.1 no.1 no.1 no.
Temp. ControllerDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigital
CastorNil4 nos.4 nos.4 nos.4 nos.4 nos.4 nos.
Internal Air CirculationDirect
Refrigerant CFCR134a
Power Voltage220Vac 50Hz Single Phase (60Hz for others)
Alarm System
- Hi/Low Alarm
Safety Features & CertificationISO 13485, Electric Safety Test (EST) IEC 61010-1 (2010), GDPMD, ISO IEC 17025