ETS Pharmaceutical Refrigerators and Freezers are designed and fabricated to meet the demanding requirements of scientific and laboratory applications. These refrigerators and freezers provide a complete and integrated solution for storage of pharmaceuticals, medicines, biological products and reagents, vaccines, etc.

Our range of refrigerators and freezers are suitable for use in pharmacies, laboratories, drug stores, research centres, pharmaceutical factories/companies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare, epidemic prevention centres, etc.

We have a wide range of models available  to accommodate your storage needs and requirements.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (+2°C to +8°C) E Series 

VC 70E (Capacity: 70L)

VC 200E (Capacity: 200L)

VC 300E (Capacity: 300L)

VC 500E (Capacity: 500L)

VC 600E (Capacity: 600L)

VC 700E (Capacity: 700L)

VC 800E (Capacity: 800L)

VC 1050E (Capacity: 1,050L)

VC 1200E (Capacity: 1,200L)

VC 1400E (Capacity: 1,400L)

VC 1600E-3 (Capacity: 1,600L)

VC 1800E-3 (Capacity: 1,800L)

VC 2400E-3 (Capacity: 2,400L)

Pharmaceutical Refrigerators (+2°C to +8°C)

VC 130 (Capacity: 130L)

VC 200 (D) (Capacity: 200L)

VC 500 (Capacity: 500L)

VC 600 (Capacity: 600L)

VC 800 (Capacity: 800L)

VC 1000 (Capacity: 1,000L)

VC 1200 (Capacity: 1,200L)

VC 1400 (Capacity: 1,400L)

VC 1800-2 (Capacity: 1,800L)

VC 1600-3 (Capacity: 1,600L)

VC 1800-3 (Capacity: 1,800L)

VC 1000-SC (Capacity: 1,000L)

VC 1000-PT (Capacity: 1,000L)

VC 1500-PT (Capacity: 1,500L)

Laboratory Combined Isolated Refrigerator-Freezer (for Blood Bank & Pharmacy)

VC F-180 ISO (Capacity: 212L)

VC F-400 ISO (Capacity: 430L)

Ice-Lined Refrigerator (0°C to +8°C)

VC 120-IL (Capacity: 120L)

VC 220-IL (Capacity: 220L)

VC 300-IL (Capacity: 300L)

VC 500-IL (Capacity: 500L)