Our ETS Range of Stability Chambers (Incubators) are designed for storage of materials such as drugs, cells, plants, tissue, fungal cultures and other samples which require consistent and uniform temperatures and accurate temperature control. These stability chambers (incubators) are ideal for a variety of applications, e.g. plant and insect studies, fermentation studies, bacterial culturing, water pollution testing and enzyme digestion studies.

Stability Chamber (Incubator)  (Force Air)  (+4°C to +60°C) 

VI 130 (Capacity: 100L)

VI 300 (Capacity: 300L)

VI 500 (Capacity: 500L)

VI 600 (Capacity: 600L)

VI 1000 (Capacity: 1,000L)

VI 1500 (Capacity: 1,500L)