ETS Portable Freezers are lightweight and double as a great bar fridge, or an extra cooler to keep samples/specimens/plasma frozen or chilled in the vehicle while you are on the go. Built using an impact resistant polypropylene exterior that offers outstanding protection, simply set the temperature and the electronic temperature controller will do the rest.

ETS Combined Refrigerator-Freezers are in a league of their own and with two independently controlled compartments, the choice of configuration is entirely up to you. Go for a typical setup of fridge/freezer, or set both compartments to the same temperature to create a larger refrigerator or freezer.

Portable Freezer & Combined Refrigerator-Freezer

VC PF-12DC (Capacity: 15L)

VC PF-35DC (Capacity: 35L)

VC PF-60DC (Capacity: 60L)

VC PF-95DC (Capacity: 95L)