ETS Pharmaceutical Refrigerators and Freezers are designed and fabricated to meet the demanding requirements of scientific and laboratory applications. These refrigerators and freezers provide a complete and integrated solution for storage of pharmaceuticals, medicines, biological products and reagents, vaccines, etc.

Our range of refrigerators and freezers are suitable for use in pharmacies, laboratories, drug stores, research centres, pharmaceutical factories/companies, hospitals, clinics, healthcare, epidemic prevention centres, etc.

We have a wide range of models available to accommodate your storage needs and requirements.


  • User-friendly design
  • Precise microcomputer temperature control
  • Standard alarms and safety features
  • Forced-air circulation for enhanced temperature stability
  • Easy-to-read LCD temperature display
  • Visual and audible alarm alerts
  • Low-noise compressor
ModelVC 1050EVC 1200EVC 1400EVC 1600E-3VC 1800E-3VC 2400E-3
Dim. Ext (mm) W x D x H1260 x 800 x 20701440 x 800 x 20701540 x 850 x 20701880 x 800 x 20702060 x 810 x 20702200 x 790 x 2070
Dim. Int (mm) W x D x H1150 x 650 x 14301315 x 650 x 14301390 x 710 x 14401755 x 650 x 14301935 x 650 x 14302050 x 660 x 1430
Int. & Ext. ChamberEpoxy powder coated
Temp. ControllerTemp adjustable, LED display
Temp. Fluctuation±1.0°C
Internal Air CirculationForced-air
RefrigerantR134a CFC Free
Glass DoorHeated Glass Double Door
Door Lock / Castor2 nos. / 4 nos.2 nos. / 4 nos.2 nos. / 4 nos.3 nos. / 6 nos.3 nos. / 6 nos.3 nos. / 6 nos.
Comp. Recip. Hermetic470W470W500W550W550W780W
Power Voltage230Vac 50Hz Single Phase (60Hz for others)
Standard LED Alarm System
- Hi/Low Alarm
- Remote Alarm Contact
- Power Failure
- 72-hour DC backup
* Accessories (Optional)Door Fan Switch
Safety Features & CertificationISO 13485, Electric Safety Test (EST) IEC 61010-1 (2010), GDPMD, ISO IEC 17025