Within the world of mortuary facilities, there exists a humble yet indispensable champion—the mortuary refrigerator. It’s more than a cold box; it’s a guardian entrusted with the dignified care of the departed until their final journey.

Therefore, it’s vital to know the crucial maintenance secrets that keep these units at their best. This guideline will provide the essential steps necessary to uphold the integrity and efficiency of your mortuary refrigerator for a long time.

1. Cleaning and Sanitising

Maintaining pristine hygiene within mortuary refrigerators is paramount. Regular cleaning involves using a mild detergent and hospital-grade disinfectants to sanitise all interior surfaces. Pay meticulous attention to crevices and corners where debris might accumulate and ensure regular deep-cleaning is conducted in these areas. Special attention should also be paid to gasket seals, to ensure they are free from dirt and properly aligned for maintaining airtight conditions.

Establish a strict cleaning schedule, including immediate cleaning for spills or debris and post-use to prevent contamination and odour buildup. Staff handling cleaning procedures should adhere to safety protocols and wear appropriate protective gear to minimise exposure to contaminants.

Incorporate cleaning checks into routine inspections to ensure consistent adherence to cleanliness standards. Provide comprehensive training to staff on proper cleaning protocols, safety measures and adherence to proper documentation of cleaning schedules.

2. Temperature monitoring

Maintaining precise temperature control within mortuary refrigerators is vital for preserving the deceased. Regular calibration of temperature gauges and strict adherence to optimal temperature settings, typically between 2° to 4° Celsius (35.6 to 39.2° Fahrenheit), are imperative.

Conduct frequent checks using digital thermometers, respond promptly to temperature alerts, and maintain meticulous records of temperature readings and any anomalies observed. These measures guarantee the maintenance of suitable conditions for preserving the deceased.

3. Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is vital in mortuary refrigerators to ensure uniform cooling and prevent localised temperature fluctuations. Arrange shelves to facilitate unobstructed airflow, periodically evaluate the unit for any airflow hindrances especially around vents, and conduct occasional temperature mapping to address hotspots if detected.

4. Routine Inspections

Regular inspections of mortuary refrigerators are pivotal in identifying potential issues early and ensuring consistent functionality. Establish a regular inspection schedule and thoroughly assess all components, with emphasis on loose or damaged electrical connections, leaking fluids and unusual noises.

In addition, verify performance of the unit by checking temperatures and functionality. Promptly address any detected issues and maintain detailed records of inspection findings and maintenance actions for reference.

5. Defrosting and Drainage

Regular defrosting and proper drainage maintenance in mortuary refrigerators are essential to prevent ice buildup and ensure optimal functionality. Establishing a routine defrosting schedule aligned with manufacturer guidelines ensures proper maintenance. Thorough cleaning and drying procedures during defrosting sessions further enhance efficient operation.

Periodically inspect and clear drainage systems to maintain efficient water drainage. Keep detailed records of maintenance procedures for review and adjustment as needed.

6. Energy Efficiency

Ensuring efficient energy utilisation in mortuary refrigerators is crucial for both cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Opting for energy-efficient models, managing temperature settings, and conducting regular cleaning and maintenance are foundational steps. Additionally, it’s essential to inspect and promptly replace worn door gaskets to uphold tight seals and optimise performance.

Encouraging energy-saving practices among staff, such as minimising door openings and ensuring proper door closure, significantly contributes to conservation efforts. Utilising monitoring tools to track consumption and implementing necessary adjustments further enhances overall energy efficiency.


Maintaining these refrigeration units isn’t just about machines—it’s about honoring those in your care. The simple acts of thorough cleaning, regular checks, and mindful energy use are your tribute to their memory.

These steps, though seemingly mundane, are your commitment to respect and uphold dignity. They ensure these units not only function well and for a long time, but also fulfill their solemn duty with care.


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