Cold storage units have been used for storing all sorts of items, such as vaccines, biological samples, pharmaceuticals and medicines, perishable food items, ingredients, and more.

For medical or laboratory applications, cold storage units are critical in preventing damage and contamination and provide optimal conditions that can prolong the shelf life of the valuable drugs, vaccines and other items stored.

For the food industry, cold storage units are used to preserve food ingredients and finished food products at optimum temperatures to maintain quality, nutrition and freshness and prevent the breeding of bacteria that can contaminate foods.

Because of the huge variety of requirements across multiple industries, there are hundreds of models for cold storage units available. Therefore, choosing the right cold storage is immensely important and must consider not just the cost factor but also its ability to fulfill your business needs and demands.

An undercounter cold storage unit is one of the options of cold storage units designed for multiple applications. While regularly seen in restaurants, catering and other food service businesses, they have in fact, become more popular in recent years, especially for laboratory and pharmaceutical applications.

Below are some of the advantages that undercounter cold storage units have:

1. Space Efficiency

One of the greatest advantages that undercounter cold storage units have is their space efficiency. In most establishments, space is at a premium, not just for food services businesses but even more so at medical and healthcare facilities.

The available space must be arranged with optimum utilisation in mind in order to operate efficiently. Space efficient cold storage units fit neatly into available spaces, presenting a clean and uncluttered working area that allows staff to work and move freely without interruptions.

Undercounter cold storage units are sized much smaller than regular refrigerators and are able to fit into areas where there is only enough space to open the unit’s doors.

Compared with an upright cold storage unit, undercounter cold storage units can save business owners the cost of redesigning their floor space. True to their name, they fit completely under counters and therefore do not limit foot traffic in limited spaces.

2. Ease of Access

Whether in a medical, hospitality and food service businesses, an undercounter cold storage unit is all about ease of access.

Undercounter cold storage units permit quick access in a small area so they’re most ideal for storing the items used most frequently.

These units are also convenient for mobility-challenged persons to open and close as the products are located within reach. With the ease of their use, fast and secure access to stored products, undercounter cold storage units allow staff to be highly efficient.

3. Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Undercounter cold storage units are continuously being developed to be more energy efficient, and come with energy star certification which makes them environmentally friendly.

Compared to a larger cold storage unit, investing in an undercounter cold storage unit would help to keep energy consumption costs down, which is especially useful for smaller facilities and is also more environmentally conscious.

The materials used to manufacture undercounter cold storage units also have a relatively smaller environmental footprint.

4. Streamlined Look

Regardless of where the cold storage unit will be used, it is important to have a unit that blends with the existing equipment and does not disrupt the design of the facility. For a cold storage unit to be built into a cabinet, it must be designed for that purpose.

Undercounter cold storage units have been designed to fit against a wall or a cabinet. They’re not units meant to overshadow over the existing units, so your facility will maintain its streamlined and clean appearance.

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

It’s not just maintenance of cold storage units that’s essential but so is cleaning the cold storage unit.

Aside from maintaining hygiene standards, cleaning the cold storage unit regularly will guarantee that the products or items stored in the unit will be free from contamination.

Cleaning upright cold storage units is however a bigger challenge, especially when the unit is under regular usage. Undercounter cold storage units are easier to keep clean, more due to their positioning and dirt-resistant material.

6. Improved Traffic Flow

In medical laboratories, healthcare facilities, restaurants and other food service businesses, a free traffic flow is extremely important.

Upright cold storage units not only consume a lot of available space but they also interfere with movements even though placed into an appropriate location.

With an undercounter cold storage unit, a suitably identified location under a cabinet or counter that allows it to fit perfectly will ensure the least consumption of space in a facility.

7. Efficient Stock Management

Undercounter cold storage units are useful for efficient stock management. Staff can store the stock used daily in a more compact unit and easily access them when needed.

With the ease of accessibility, staff are able to find their required materials without leaving the door open for too long and prevent any temperature stability issues.

This prevents potential contamination, and maintains the shelf life of the products in the cold storage unit. It also allows the business to commit to best practices for storage, handling, and inventory which enhances efficiency in stock and cost control.

In upright cold storage units, overfilling can cause inconsistent cooling due to air circulation blockage. This also leads to overworked compressors, wastage and unsafe product conditions.

Comparatively, undercounter cold storage units push the heat they generate from the front of the unit. The front-breathing feature is critical in keeping stored items in optimal conditions even with frequent door openings.

For businesses that need to purchase a cold storage unit, cost may be a highly deterrent factor. Yet, businesses must look for a cold storage unit that can fulfill business needs and demands.

Besides the regular options, undercounter cold storage units should also be considered as they are compact, energy efficient units that are not only cost-effective but also provide convenience and value for money.


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