If you’re in the food business, there’s no way to avoid having to refrigerate ingredients used in preparing food for your customers.

Having the right commercial refrigeration is essential especially for ensuring that your food remains safe for consumption. Therefore, finding a refrigerator that works for your premises and your scale of food production is a top priority.

Refrigerators may be your go-to option, but have you thought about cold rooms as well?

What are Cold Rooms?

Compared to the domestic refrigerator, a cold room is a walk-in facility that is controlled using refrigerants. It is basically a larger-scaled refrigerator.

Cold rooms can be set to maintain temperatures at above or below freezing, depending on the kind of storage required.

But what really makes cold rooms stand out from domestic refrigerators?

Greater Capacity

What stands out in a cold room is the space. They are typically much larger than commercial refrigerators.

When your business is in the hospitality industry, you need to have enough stock on hand, in fact more than necessary is even better, especially when catering for large events or a long busy period.

Cold rooms give you that capacity, and allow you to store more produce and have peace of mind that you won’t be running out anytime soon.


Being able to walk in and out of your cold room offers significant advantages.

Firstly, the area designated as food storage is more space efficient for your ingredients.

You could store ingredients towards the back of the cold room and easily access it without moving boxes around. This ease of access also allows you get what you need as soon as possible.


A cold room gives you the freedom to keep your food organised and in its place. There’s no longer a need to spend extra time on rummaging through your supplies to find what you need.

Some larger establishments may have more than one cold room for different aspects of their operations, such as one room for drinks, a room for meats and another room for storing frozen food items.

All of these goods can be accessed on foot immediately as well.

Having this freedom and flexibility isn’t possible with standard refrigerators which is why cold rooms remain popular.

Temperature control

The temperature inside a cold room can be adjusted and this allows it to be used for many different purposes.

Seasonal businesses in particular, find this an attractive feature.

For instance, you could use your cold room for storing ice creams and other frozen goods during the hotter months of the year for a seasonal promotion, and use it for refrigerating drinks and food for the rest of the year.


Cold rooms have a much larger footprint than refrigerators but did you know that they can still help you save space within your premises?

If you chose to install multiple refrigerators for your business, you would need to factor in the dimensions of the refrigerators and the door accessibility as part of the footprint needed within your premises.

In comparison, cold rooms customised by ETS can be built to scale, according to your requirements, and internal shelving can be installed based on your specific needs.

Cold rooms simply make more efficient use of the space that would be taken up by multiple refrigerators.


Our Cold Rooms are specifically designed to provide controlled temperature environments for numerous applications which require bigger capacity or space, including packaging of food & beverages or medicines, stability storage, biological research, shelf life testing, and etc. 

The cold rooms also come with visual and audible alarm alerts, and their modular construction are designed for fast and easy installation.

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