ETS has been working closely with MATRADE in the last five years, to promote our products and services to the worldwide market.

Recently, MATRADE offered us an opportunity to place a permanent booth at the Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre (MEEC). We have now completed setting up our display at MEEC under the Machinery & Industrial Equipment section.

Here, we have chosen to showcase our flagship blast freezer model, which is the first forced-air blast freezer in Asia to achieve temperatures of up to -80°C and are designed for storage of medical specimens/plasma, fruits and frozen food.

In fact, with our range of forced-air blast freezers, going from an ambient temperature of +25°C to a freezing -60°C can be achieved within 40 minutes.

For more information on the ETS Range of Blast Freezers, click here.

What is the MEEC?

Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre or MEEC is a permanent display centre of 4,500 sq meters that showcases and promotes various Malaysian products and services on the second floor of Menara MATRADE, Kuala Lumpur.

The MEEC allows trade visitors to discover and examine a wide selection of products and services from over 500 Malaysian companies, covering 30 industries such as Green Technology, Electrical and Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, Rubber, Plastic, Pharmaceutical and Timber/Wood.

The services sector is also represented via industries like Oil and Gas, Construction, Business Services, Healthcare and Education.

MEEC’s showcase is categorised into three sections:

  • Home Display Area – provides real life backdrop to the showcase for visitors to view the products in its actual application and usage.
  • Booth Area – allows visitors to view a wide range of Malaysian products and services according to specific industry clusters.
  • Open Concept – segmentised by industry cluster whereby products are displayed in a creative manner to demonstrate its appeal.

For more information on the MEEC, please click here.

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