Welcome to our comprehensive guide to medical-grade refrigeration! Whether you’re a dental nurse, a cosmetic surgeon, or a veterinary practitioner, we’ve provided a quick self-help guide below to help you find the perfect refrigeration unit for your practice.

For Doctors’ Surgeries:

Ensuring the safety of your local community is a top priority for doctors’ surgeries.

Doctors’ surgeries must ensure that vaccinations and critical medical supplies are stored within a specific temperature range for effectiveness. Standard commercial fridges might not guarantee this, making medical-grade refrigerators a necessity.

Medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are designed for precise temperature control, thereby ensuring the stability and safety of critical supplies. From under-counter fridges to larger units, there are options suitable for practices of any size.

Some options can be found here under our Pharmaceutical Refrigerators.

For Dental Surgeries:

Dental practices rely on refrigeration for storing vaccines and medications needed for oral medical emergencies. Medical-grade refrigerators offer 24/7 temperature logging and precise control, ensuring the integrity of stored contents.

For Veterinary Surgeries:

Just like humans, animals sometimes need medical care too. Veterinary practices require precise temperature control for medications and vaccinations.

Medical-grade refrigerators provide accurate temperature regulation and safety features for both animal and human medical supplies.

For Cosmetic Practices:

As demand for cosmetic procedures grows, proper storage of injectables like Botox becomes essential. Dedicated medical fridges are able to maintain the required temperature range, ensuring the efficacy and safety of these products.

These refrigerators ensure optimal storage conditions and compliance with storage guidelines. In addition, most cosmetic surgery practices only require a small fridge that can fit into compact spaces.

For Pharmacies:

Pharmacies play a vital role in communities, and keeping products safe until they’re dispensed is crucial. Medical-grade refrigerators offer stringent temperature control, ensuring the efficacy of stored vaccines and medicines.

For Hospitals:

Hospitals require refrigerators and freezers adhering to the highest standards for storing vaccines, samples, and medications. Various sizes cater to different storage needs, providing secure storage for numerous medical supplies.

For Laboratories:

In laboratories, maintaining low, refrigerated temperatures for specimens and samples is essential. Specialised laboratory fridges and freezers ensure low, refrigerated temperatures, meeting stringent quality standards.


ETS offers a range of Medical and Pharmaceutical-grade Refrigerators and Freezers to suit various requirements. Check out our ETS Range pages for more information.

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