Does your logistics business need to ship large quantities of perishable or frozen foods?  If your business also manages a temperature controlled-warehouse, then you should look into investing in a blast freezer which can rapidly cool food down for safer storage. 

But why blast freezing? Here are some reasons to purchase a blast freezer if you are in the logistics industry. 

1. Reduced Food Waste

How does blast freezing reduce food waste? Blast freezing is conducted as a rapid cooling process where the temperature inside the unit is quickly lowered by using blower fans to force cold air across the freezer’s contents in comparison with slow cooling through conventional refrigeration. During the blast freezing process, tiny ice crystals form on the freezer’s contents while conventional freezing produces larger ice crystals from the slower cooling rate. However, larger ice crystals may directly affect the quality, taste and appearance of the food.

Bacteria growth on food products also decreases rapidly in below-freezing temperatures. The reduction of the product temperature also reduces the free liquid water activity, thereby depriving microorganisms of the water they need to metabolise.  Blast freezing fresh and cooked foods or frozen foods like ice-cream and ready-made meals allows food products to last longer in frozen storage.

Blast freezing inhibits the growth of bacteria and maintains the longevity and freshness of the food products, thereby reducing the occurrence of food waste and making it a cost-effective freezing solution for your business.

2. Long-Term Cold Storage

From a logistics standpoint, what kind of food-grade frozen and refrigeration storage will your business require? How long will storage be needed for some food products? A blast freezer has no problem storing food and maintaining it at optimum levels for months. If a long period of food storage is required, then a blast freezer can help your business.

3. Improved Food Shipping

Thinking of providing shipment for large orders of food? Consider investing in a portable blast freezer unit. A portable blast freezer unit allows your business to transfer food products in a temperature-controlled environment from your warehouse to its destination whilst maintaining quality, appearance and taste of the food products.

4. Better Inventory Control

Blast freezing food products extends their shelf life, reduces spoilage, bacterial contamination and food waste. This allows for better inventory control as you are also able to keep more inventory for longer periods.


We have an entire range of blast freezers to suit various requirements. Our blast freezers come with standard features like intuitive touch control panels, visual and audible alarm alerts, easy to remove shelf supports for simple cleaning and maintenance, and stainless steel internal and external chambers.

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