Short of space in your laboratory but still require superior levels of cold storage performance, reliability and flexibility for your products?

Store your precious materials and samples in a Laboratory Combined Isolated Refrigerator-Freezer which combines high performance refrigeration control and monitoring systems with energy efficient and cost-effective chamber design. One single unit offers both refrigeration and freezing for laboratories and other research and medical facilities with a minimal footprint.

Units are typically made from stainless steel for sample protection and are equipped with forced-air circulation for enhanced temperature distribution and uniformity. Units are also equipped with standard casters for easy movement. The temperature ranges from +2°C to +8°C or  0°C to +14°C  for refrigerators and  -10°C to -40°C  for freezers.

Our latest model for Laboratory Combined Isolated Refrigerator-Freezers is the VC F-400 ISO (pictured above) which has an overall capacity of 430L.

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