When space is a concern especially for biomedical research labs or clinics, the question of samples and drug storage is certainly one of vital importance.

Unlike larger biomedical corporations that typically can afford the space and the cost of larger, more energy-consuming freezers, small-scale biomedical research labs or clinics may not necessarily need such a large storage capacity nor can they afford such large footprints.

Instead, why not look into smaller and more flexible cold storage options especially when they have the following benefits:

1. Easily Transport Samples and Drugs

Large freezers and refrigerators are typically heavy and can’t be moved around easily. This makes it so that additional help will be needed just to move around or transport them.

Smaller, more portable cooling options that are lightweight can negate these issues by being easier to carry. Portable cooling options allows the transport of smaller batches of samples and drugs to be more convenient.

2. Easily Add New Components When Needed

Single-door medical refrigerators are a great option for clinical labs that don’t require a large amount of cold storage. These refrigerators are furnished with several compartments that can be easily added or removed as needed.

The size of the internal shelves can be modified to be as high as your samples require. With this kind of flexibility, it eliminates the need to purchase different refrigerators to fulfill different specifications.

3. Energy Efficient

Large freezers or biobanks will require a lot of energy to help it function.

This means that large freezers often end up consuming huge amounts of energy below your notice which contributes to two things: a) global warming and greenhouse gases, and (b) your electricity bill.

Having several smaller cold storage options will save more energy in the long run as opposed to one large freezer.

4. Smaller Footprints

Depending on the size and spaciousness of your biomedical facility, it will depend on your requirements as to whether you will need a massive freezer not to mention whether it will be used to full capacity.

If you only need to store small batches, then you should consider smaller cold storage options which makes them convenient for smaller facilities. Some options such as undercounter or compact medical refrigerators can make the most use of a small space.

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