In the laboratory environment, the preparation of samples or other materials for short or long-term cold storage involves cooling of the samples or materials before they can be stored. Although most labs would most likely have an ultra-low temperature freezer or other conventional freezers at hand, these may not be the right tools for the job.

1. Extending Unit Lifespans

An ultra-low temperature freezer which is designed for long-term cold storage may be used by the lab to prepare samples prior to long-term cold storage or to cool warmer samples. This practice though, may impact the life span of the ultra-low temperature freezer unit, as the unit lacks the speed and refrigeration capacity needed for rapid freezing as well as affecting the viability and integrity of the samples.

Using a blast freezer to rapidly freeze samples reduces the stress placed on other types of freezers not suited for rapid cooling.

2. Effective Preservation

Blast freezing effectively preserves the cellular structures of samples at optimum levels by minimizing the formation ice crystals that can negatively impact the viability of cell membranes. When researchers thaw the samples later, they can be assured that viability and functionality remain at optimum levels.

3. Efficient Cooling

A conventional freezer may lack uniform cooling throughout the entire freezer space which also reduces capacity and efficiency when these areas are ‘cordoned’ off from materials storage. Using a blast freezer frees up space in a conventional freezer besides providing a more efficient and rapid cooling for samples and other materials.

4. Cold Chain Savings

Eutectic materials such as eutectic plates, ice packs and gel packs are essential items for shipping pharmaceuticals or other items for the cold chain industry. Blast freezers save money by drastically reducing the chilling time needed compared to a conventional freezer and extending their reusability.

5. Wide Applications

In addition to sample preparation, blast freezers can also be used in other medical applications such as rapidly freezing plasma or bulk freezing drug substances (DS) in vaccine manufacture. They can also be used in general-purpose and bioprocessing applications due to various capacities and dimensions available to accommodate staggering loads and a variety of vessels including 10 liter carboys, bottles, racks with vials, and etc.


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