Announcing our latest product, the 1st -80°C Forced-Air Blast Freezer in Malaysia!

From 2018, we started to develop a range of blast freezers with a temperature range of -10°C to -75°C. Our continued innovation has resulted in a range of models with varying capacities to suit various requirements of the medical, laboratory and food industries.

The VF 80B-500 is a 500L capacity blast freezer that is the latest addition to our range of blast freezers and brings the height of our blast freezing capabilities to -10°C to -80°C for the first time! Going from an ambient temperature of +25°C to a freezing -60°C was achieved within 40 minutes.

Engaged with the latest standard features of our freezers, it comes with intuitive touch control panels, visual and audible alarm alerts, easy to remove shelf supports for simple cleaning and maintenance, and stainless steel internal and external chambers. All of our freezers are compliant to safety features and certifications under IEC 60601, Electrical Safety, ISO 13485 and GDPMD.

Click here for more information on the VF 80B-500 model.


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