ETS slider large capacity blast refrigerator

Today, we have a new 1st in Malaysia to announce, our Large Capacity Blast Refrigerator with adjustable temperature between +2°C to -40°C/-75°C!

At ETS, our continuous innovation has seen us go from success to success. Our range of blast freezers are the first in Malaysia to achieve a temperature range of -10°C to -80°C, bringing down ambient temperatures of +25°C to a freezing -60°C within 40 minutes. We have a range of models available in varying capacities to suit the various requirements of the medical, laboratory and food industry.

Our latest model, VC 45B-2100 (F) comes with a 2,100L capacity and is part of our lineup of large capacity blast refrigerators with adjustable temperature range, the first ever to be made in Malaysia! The temperature can be adjusted between +2°C to -40°C or -75°C and has a pull down rate of around 20 minutes from ambient temperatures to -40°C.

As always, our refrigerators come with the latest standard features, including LED temperature controls, auto switch off timers, visual and audible alarm alerts, and stainless steel internal and external chambers. They’re also compliant to safety features and certifications under IEC 60601, Electrical Safety, ISO 13485 and GDPMD.

Click here to download the product specification for the VC 45B-2100 (F) model.

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