When it comes to refrigeration, every facility comprises of different application-based model and has its own storage needs, but the aim of all the system is to provide faster, efficient and quality results.

The medical refrigerators market has been segmented into blood bank refrigerators, plasma freezers, laboratory refrigerators & freezers, pharmaceutical refrigerators & freezers, chromatography refrigerators & freezers, enzyme refrigerators & freezers, ultra-low-temperature freezers, cryogenic storage systems, hospital refrigerators & freezers, blast freezers and other related types. They are mainly used by medical professionals in hospital, research laboratories, crime labs, surgery centers and other medical facilities. The most proportion of medical refrigerator is used in hospital.

The Global Medical Refrigerators market is expected to reach $5.75 billion by 2027 at a 7.2% CAGR during the forecast period especially with surging demand for safe storage of blood and blood derivatives from hospitals, pharmacies, clinics and diagnostics centers across the globe.  

The Institute for Safety Medication (ISMP) states that more than 20% of healthcare practitioners have reported adverse patient effects due to deficiencies in storage and inventory management practices. This has resulted in an increased demand for efficient temperature dependent storage systems that positively impact growth of medical refrigerators market in the near future. 

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