ETS has recently updated our range of data loggers with the all-new TempU-04!

Temperature data loggers, also known as digital temperature sensors, are portable measurement devices that record temperature changes over a period of time.

These devices can work independently and are used to monitor the temperature and humidity of shipments and storage of food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Although data logging can be done manually by constant human observation, temperature data loggers are far more effective, accurate and reliable than taking periodic manual readings.

An example of manual data logging is by posting a log sheet on each refrigerator and freezer and manually recording the temperature at a set time each day.

In comparison, digital data loggers keep a record of all temperature data, which allows operators to download the data as needed for compliance purposes or look into trends that may indicate a refrigerator or freezer malfunction.

Our latest model of data logger, the TempU-04, is a multi-use USB temperature data logger. It is able to measure temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C with a sample interval starting from 2 seconds up to 24 hours.

The TempU-04 is able to store up to 32,000 readings, and comes equipped with a 3.6V Lithium battery that can last approximately up to 1 year. Statistics are easily available on the LCD screen and it can automatically generate PDF and CSV files for reports.

More information about TempU-04 is available here.


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