medilox_ms_4000p_tit.jpg is an equipment generating high-level disinfectant internationally certified by European CE (ClassⅡb) and the USFDA after the company has developed Medilox generating Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) generated from immune system of human body based on the patented new technology of the company in order to improve pathogenic infection control and treatment environment. 

medilox_ms_4000p_tit.jpg is equipment generating high-level disinfectant which sterilizes over 99.9% of all bacteria in less than 30 seconds including tubercle bacillus, MRSA, general bacteria and viruses.

Model Name
MS-2000P (Wall Type)
Capacity650ppm below: 240L/hr, 650ppm above: 24L/hr
Power consumption 120Watt
Condition for water supply Direct connection to running water, Hardness: Raw water, less than 80 ppm, pH : 6.5-7.0, Water supply pressure: 1.5-3.0㎏/㎠
Installation ConditionStanding & Compatibility with wall-mountable feature
Concentration ​50~800ppm​
Oxidation-reduction potential 850∼1,000mV
Power source 220V, 60Hz
Standards 375 × 145 × 380mm
Additive solution
Annexol 500㎖

Features of Product

Features of Medilox Solution

Purpose of Use


How to Use

While placing the disinfectant generated from MS-2000P in a container, be sure to sterilize and disinfect the object for 5 minutes by sufficiently depositing it. 

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