Medizyme.jpg is a triple enzymatic detergent for medical instruments delivering exceptional cleaning action based on combination of 3 conjugated enzymes, Protease, Amylase and Lipase, for decomposing neutral nonionic surfactant, protein, carbohydrate and lipid. Cleaning with enzymatic detergent allows safe management of high-priced endoscopes by preventing damages to the instruments caused by deposition of organic matters and proteins.

Name of ProductMedizyme
Purpose of Use Conjugated enzyme detergent for medical instruments
Product Specification (for manual wash), 1L (for automatic wash, weak foam-type)

Composition and Characteristics

Features of Product

1) Components of 3 conjugated enzymes
With enzyme ingredients (Protease, Amylase and Lipase), it is possible to display exceptional washing effect by promptly decomposing bio-film, which incurs critical infection to human body and is impossible to remove with single enzyme, through 3 conjugated.

(2) Low-cost high-efficiency
With its superb protein disintegration power despite high dilution ratio, it is a detergent suitable for medical use to clean endoscopes and medical instruments which cannot be cleaned with conventional detergents, and it has exceptional cleaning effects with low costs.

(3) Excellent proteolysis and cleaning effect
With excellent proteolysis and cleaning effect based on combination of 3 conjugated enzyme ingredients and neutral nonionic surfactant, users use it with convenience as it elevates usage turnover of medical instruments.

(4) Multi-purpose neutral detergent
With excellent preventive effects of instrumental damages, anti-corrosion and bactericidal power as multi-purpose neutral detergent (pH 7.5), it can be safely used on ultrasound machine cleaner and automatic cleaner in addition to cleaning by hands.

Purpose of Use


How to Use

- Dilute 5g-15g (approx. 60-200 times) of solution in 1L of water depending on the contamination degree of the object to wash before use.
- Washing solution used after dilution needs to be changed daily once it is used, aiming at infection control and effective cleaning.
- Please use a brush to improve washing effect.
- Upon repetitive uses, washing time can be reduced by depositing the object in a washing solution for 1 to 2 minutes followed by ultrasound machine cleaning and by directly cleaning with soaked gauze. 
- Upon severe contamination or occurrence of scales due to dried protein contaminants, dilute 20g (approx. 50 times) of solution in 1L of washing water and deposit the object at 30℃~40℃ before washing.
- It is easily diluted regardless of water quality, and it brings the best result at 30℃~40℃.