JSPG-1500C 3-Side Illumination Plant Growth Chamber provides reliable controlled climatic condition of temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 concentration. Ideal to growing plant, plant tissue culture or any other laboratory experiments needs controller climatic simulation. 1512 L large capacity and tall height of the chamber suitable to growing larger plants up to 1.2 m. Combination of top and two side light bank with HQI and fluorescent lamps provide light intensity up to 50,000 LUX.

Art No. JSPG-1500C
Chamber Volume (Capacity) 1512 L
Inner Dimensions (W x D x H mm)1400 x 900 x 1200
Outer Dimensions (W x D x H mm)1880 x 1390 x 2065
Temperature RangeLight Off : +0°C ~ 60°C
Light On :+10°C ~ 60°C w/o Humidification
Temperature Accuracy± 0.3°C at 20.0°C, 60% RH (Light Off)
Temperature Uniformity± 1.0°C at 20.0°C, 60% RH (Light Off)
Humidity Range30 ~ 98% RH (Sensor Range) 30 ~ 85% RH (Control Range)
Humidity Accuracy± 3.0 % RH at 20.0°C 60% RH
Humidity Uniformity± 6.0 % RH at 20.0°C 60% RH
Illumination Range0 ~ 50,000 Lux
Illumination Steps8 Step Combination
Illumination LampTop Light Bank : 6 x 150 Watt HQI Lamps
Illumination ConfigurationSide Light Bank : 4 x 70 Watt HQI 8 x 55 Watt FPL Fluorescent Lamps
CO2 Control Conc. Rangeambient ~ 5,000 ppm (ambient ~ 20 %)
CO2 Control Accuracy± 50 ppm
ControllerProgrammable PID Control 11 segments 999 cycle repeatable
Sensors TempClass A Pt-100 Ω Sensor
Sensors HumidityElectronic Humidity Sensor
Sensors CO2High Precision Dual Wavelength NDIR Diffusion Sensor
Sensors LightLux Meter
Number of shelves/Max.8 / 35
Heater Capacity10.0 kW


JSC-4CP Programmable Controller 

- High precision Digital PID Microprocessor controls temperature, humidity, 4-line back-light LCD display interface lighting and CO2 concentration in one integrated unit with easy to use
- Constant temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 conc. operation with automatic OFF timer
- Programmable operation capability of various climatic conditions up to 11 Segments 999 cycles or unlimited repeating operation of temperature, humidity, lighting and CO2 conc. with time duration
- Calibration and auto-tuning function
- Class A Pt-100 Ω temperature sensor
- Precision electronic humidity sensor
- Built-in LUX Meter in chamber to measure light intensity
- The most accurate NDIR-Diffusion (Infra Red) CO2 Sensor
- Automatic defrost cycle 


- Corrosion resistant stainless steel 304 chamber
- Removable and height adjustable shelf
- Internal LUX meter sensor
- Built-in humidifier and automatic water supply
- Low water level alarm 


Light Bank System

- Top and side light bank system with HQI and fluorescent lamps
- Combination of 8-step lamp control creates over 16 kind of light intensity
- Lamp-on-delay system gradually increase light intensity by turn on lamp one by one


Easy Maintenance

-Easy-to-access light bank system for maintenance


Infra-Red CO2 Sensor

- High precision dual wavelength NDIR diffusion CO2 sensor controls precise CO2 concentration


  • Durable epoxy powder coated metallic casing
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 304 chamber
  • Durable Stainless Steel 304 Sheath Heater and Copper-Aluminum fin evaporator
  • Removable and height adjustable shelf
  • Built-in humidifier and automatic water supply
  • Double layer vacuum tempered safety glass walls on light bank 


  • Forced air circulation of controlled temperature and humidity to achieve excellent thermal uniformity
  • Durable Stainless Steel 304 Sheath Heater and copper-aluminum finned evaporator
  • Temperature control within ± 0.1°C resolution
  • Humidity control within ±1.0% RH resolution
  • Lighting control from 0 ~ 50,000 Lux by 8-Step light intensity for photoperiodic Day-Night simulation
  • Lamp-on-Delay System by turn on lamp one by one which provides gradual increase of light to eliminate sudden light intensity change
  • CO2 concentration control within ±1 ppm (1%) resolution
  • Separate heating and cooling compartment prevents contamination and maintenance free
  • Cooling system with hermetically sealed compressor 


  • Outer door with self adhesive magnetic packing
  • Door glass window for easy observation of sample during experiment.
  • Removable and height adjustable shelf by 25mm spacing
  • Easy to access Light Bank System for convenient maintenance
  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel 304 (ASTM 304) chamber
  • Auto-defrost system, user settable interval and time
  • Built-in casters for easy transport 


  •     Digital system cut-off heater and AUDIO VISUAL ALARM in case +2°C above set temperature
  •     Analog system cut-off heater 10% above set temp.
  • MAX TEMP CUT-OFF heater and AUDIO VISUAL ALARM when +1°C above maximum limit
  •     Digital system automatically cut-off compressor in case -3°C below set temperature
  • OVER CURRENT CUT-OFF : Electric Leakage Breaker