Our ETS vaccine carriers are customised cold boxes equipped with a digital thermometer and most suited for the transport of vaccines, medicines, insulin and other temperature-sensitive drugs. The external digital thermometer display provides easy access temperature monitoring to ensure that precious vaccines or medications stay within the optimum temperature range.

Our vaccine carriers are rated for ISO/IEC 17025 and each carrier comes with a calibration certificate for the digital thermometer.


  • Shoulder strap for easy portability
  • Tray addon provided
  • Optimal cooling time can be extended with more ice packs
  • Calibration certificate provided


Dim. Ext (mm)400W x 240D x 300H
Dim. Int (mm)330W x 170D x 225H
Maximum Load8KG
Holding time24 hours
Cooling TimeLonger handover time needs more ice packs
Comes with- Digital Thermometer with sensor
- Ice packs (8pcs)
- Tray (1pc)
- Clapboard (1pc)
- Strap (1pc)
- Insulation 40mm
Safety Features &
ISO/IEC 17025 & Calibration Certificate