These mini sterilizers are useful for hospitals, pharmacies, beauty shops, laboratories, clinics and places that need sanitation and sterilization. They are good in design and small size. They are effective in disinfecting various kinds of germs on the surface of general items by using UV-ray (235.7nm wavelengths). It is very convenient to be used as keeping box for small implements.


  • Easy to operate
  • No special room preparation required, as the device can be placed at medical sites
  • Set up quickly with the preset programs
  • Disinfect high touch non-critical surfaces in minutes
ModelKRS 989BKRS-A1KR 100
Dim. Ext (mm) W x D x H350 x 215 x 240 485 x 375 x 440 650 x 550 x 810
Dim. Int (mm) W x D x H315 x 190 x 170 480 x 315 x 320 580 x 470 x 520
Internal ChamberStainless Steel
Weight2.95KG11.75KG 30KG
UV Lamp6W x 1 no. 10W x 1 no. 20W x 1 no.
Shelf2 nos. 2 nos. 3 nos.
Power Supply100V to 240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz 240 VAC 50Hz
Power Consumption8W 10W 350W
Temp. Control RangeNIlNIlAmbient +5°C to +60°C PID
Internal Air CirculationNIlNIlForced-air