The ETS range of Mortuary Refrigerators are developed for the storage of corpses for temporary or extended periods. These units are made of stainless steel for long lasting use. The range is completed with various accessories to complement the mortuary environment such as hydraulic trolleys, stainless steel body trolleys, autopsy tables, etc. 

Mortuary Refrigerators and Accessories

MOT 2B Mortuary Refrigerator (2 bodies)

KC 004 Body Trolley with roller

MOT 3B Mortuary Refrigerator (3 bodies)

HLT 003 Hydraulic Body Lifting Trolley (with Scale)

MOT 4B Mortuary Refrigerator (4 bodies)

MOT 2B-SO Mortuary Refrigerator Side-open (2 bodies)

KC 003 Autopsy Table