LED Digital Temperature Controller
Size: L135mm x H31mm
→ Equipped with tamper-resistant touchpad and a digital temperature display to the nearest 0.1°C
→ User-friendly - Temperature settings and alarm set points can be programmed quickly and easily
→ During power failure, battery back-up system supplies power to the monitor for at least 24 hours
→ The audio and visual alarms will be triggered when:-
a) Hi & Low temperature
b) A.C. failure
c) Battery failure
d) Door opened for more than 2 minutes
e) Compressor failure
f) Condenser is overheated
→ Compressor delay start-up, to protect compressor restart current surging
→ Auto defrost and sensor error
→ Remote alarm contact provided for off-site monitoring
→ Password protection - Lock-temperature function protects against tampering of set temperatures/values
→ Off-set function for calibration use
→ Two (2) sensor probes available
Smart Touch Screen Controller
Temperature setting range +2°C to +6°C
→ Password protection
→ 7" full touch screen controller
→ Self diagnostic error code real time alarm indication
→ Hi & Low temperature alarm setting
→ Power failure alarm visual and audio
→ Door open sensor alarm setting 0 to 60 minutes
→ High condenser temperature setting detection
→ Defrost temperature interval time 0 to 24 hours
→ Defrost duration 0 to 60 minutes
→ External sensor access port
→ Auto data acquisition with trend graph
→ Built in standard remote alarm dry contact out put
→ Sensor 1 to 5 calibration mode (built in with 5 nos. of sensor)
→ Ambient temperature sensor
→ Door fan switch control
→ Graphical log running hours log
→ RS 485 output able to link up 32 units
→ Dual compressor independent control maintain -80°C when one compressor down
→ 72 hours DC backup battery
→ CFC Freeze
→ 220V to 240V 50Hz Single phase